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In September 2010



As Liu Shilang, a Chinese poet under the Ming Dynasty, expressed so acutely: "the gardens fixed on paper are the only ones to survive… Landscapes born from an inner vision, shapes created by a brush, only the eyes can walk in them".

The garden of the house of the yew tree has been for many years a source of inspiration for Claude Lesur. On the occasion of the opening of the workshops: "invitations from artists", organized by the "Conseil Régional". Oils and water colors evoking the garden and the old yew tree which is the soul of the place will be exhibited in the house of the yew tree.

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of September from 2 to 5 pm.

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In march 2009

 Claude LESUR at the  Mona Bismarck Foundation.





Femme à l'écharpe rouge (oil)









La sieste (oil)










Le nuage rose (oil)





Zou Violette (watercolour)









Portrait d'une femme-enfant (oil)

The Mona  Bismarck Foundation was created during the 1980's by countess Mona Bismarck to promote artistic, literary, scientific and educational activities, particularly those which further Franco-American friendship.



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180 rue Albert Meunier, 02230 Fresnoy-le-Grand. France

Tel. 33 (0)3 23 09 09 88 - Fax : 33 (0)3 23 66 09 44



In 2009, Local educational contract at IF. study of human face. Selfportrait done by children.







In 2001 the LCAA had the agreement of the board of education.

In november 2001, the pupils of VATIN school in Fresnoy-le-Grand learnt the techniques of patchwork and the aesthetics of colours.
They made a Christmas calender with fabrics in the shape of a Christmas tree.

In april 2002, in VATIN school the pupils learnt how to illustrate a theme after the music and text of Peter and the wolf of Serghei Prokofiev. The children expressed their emotions in drawings and paintings thanks to the direction of Claude LESUR and Danièle BEGUIN. The works of the children (44 drawings and paintings) were exhibited on 1st and 2nd of May 2002 at the LCAA.

In 2002 a local educational contract was signed with the town of Fresnoy-le-Grand and the Office of family allowances which allowed the following activities :

During Easter holidays in 2002 the children of VATIN school learnt how to analyze and compare the decorations of Easter-eggs of various countries. After this they created original decorations.

In november 2002 the children of VATIN school learnt the techiques of pastels, then they visited the museum Antoine LECUYER in Saint-Quentin and they learnt to express their likings for certain works.

Goûter dans le parc après le stage In june 2002 the children of VATIN school learnt cut-out and collage of coloured papers in the manner of MATISSE. In 2003 we are planning a visit to MATISSE museum in Cateau-Cambrésis.

The activities of the LCAA have awakened the artistic curiosity of the children and aroused their enthusiasm. Creativity is essential for young minds. We want to develop their capacity to observe and to invent, their analytic and synthetic capacities. All these capacities can help them in the various branches of their professional career as well as in commercial or scientific activities.

Cultural activities
The permanent fund

Yarmila VESOVIC The LCAA has received from donators a great number of works which will be the nucleus of a museum in the future.

Marcel LESUR Marcel LESUR We have gathered sculptures of PRYAS, paintings of Yarmila VESOVIC, drawings of Yvon TAILLANDIER and Pascale DUANYER, a painting of André MARCHAND, paintigns of Marcel LESUR and Laurent ROYER. Laurent ROYER

Les évènements

The first concert in LCAA took place in september 1989, as well as an exhibition of monumental sculptures in the park of the Yew-tree house.

Since then, every year, we organized exhibitions for contemporary artists (sculptors, painters, engravers, musicians) and we organized meetings and concerts.

For example :

In 1995 the MATISSE museum lent us the temporary exhibition of weather vanes made by contemporary sculptors.

In 1996 an exhibition dedicated to Alain FOURNIER gathered 27 artists among whom André BRASILIER who showed their illustrations of the work of Alain FOURNIER.

The development of the monument
The historical monument

The historical monument The historical monument is set in Fresnoy-le-Grand. It dates back to the end of XVIIIth century. It is the last testimony of Picarde architecture (stones in the façade, bricks and stones in the façade overlooking the garden).

Inside it has kept the decoration of the first half of the XIXth century (mirrors, fireplaces, marble paving).

The historical monument in the park In the park we can still see the old yew-tree which is 400 years old and gave its name to the house.

Every year during the days dedicated to the national cultural heritage the LCAA organizes meetings between artists and the population of the neighbourhood. The gastronomic culture of Picardy is not forgotten !

Plans for the future
We plan to rehabilitate the outbuildings.

The outbuildings date back to XVIIIth century. The doors and ironworks are genuine and original they should be restored and visited.

We try to gather the help of various societies to create a gallery for exhibitions upstairs. On the ground floor we plan workrooms for artistic creation (painting, engraving,sculpture, textiles, video).

In the outbuildings we also plan a workshop of Picarde gastronomy.

Training courses

The LCAA plans to organize training courses for children and adults once the outbuilings are restored.

We also plan a cooking workshop where the "chefs" could teach people who are interested.

In 2002 Jean-Pierre DARGENT chef and owner of La Faisanderie in Arras came to Fresnoy-le-Grand to encourage this project.

The exhibitions

Buste de Claude LESUR, bronze par PRYAS PRYAS retrospective

PRYAS was a sculptor (1895-1985), who was not enough recognized in his time but he will appear more important in the future.

His works associate rigour, harmony and emotion.

Very few sculptors in XXth century have expressed such strenght, elegance and feelings.

The LCAA plans to organize an exhibition of the works of PRYAS when the outbuildings are restored.

Contemporary textile art

LCAA organized an exhibition at the UNESCO in Paris in 1998. It was an international exhibition with artists from all the continents. 75 artists participated.

Fresnoy-le-Grand has a rich historical past in textile art. The LCAA could exhibit some of the artists who participated to that exhibition in Paris.

The LCAA is a non-profit voluntary association. Your help is needed to the realization of its goals.

Supporters : 10€ fee

Active members : 25€ fee

Benefactors : from 75€ fee.

The past and present activities have taken place thanks to the help of the town of Fresnoy-le-Grand,and to the general council of Aisne, and the regional council of Picardy. Private benefactors are required to help all our projects.